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Hello, I'm Georgeane.


I create safe space for you to make meaningful connection through self discovery and self awareness.  As a healing artist and mind-set coach, I'm here to help those of you who are feeling disconnected from yourself to reconnect.  All of us are on our own life journey and if yours includes an inner longing for something more, I understand. Leading a life with more passion, purpose and peace can be yours.  My mission is to help you feel empowered by using a variety of holistic approaches. Finding clarity can be yours through a number of services that include NLP coaching and Time Line Therapy, hypnotherapy, body focusing for emotional release, trauma- informed yoga for anxiety and depression, small group yoga classes, retreats, guided meditation and chakra balancing energy work.


A strong connection to our Earth Mother and a trust in the wisdom of the body is rooted in much of what I do.  With a firm belief in the powers of aligning ourselves with the rhythms of the earth, this is reflected in language, movement, seasonal offerings and my alchemist tendencies.  So whether it be teaching you yoga, guiding you through intuitive channeled meditations, exploring plant/animal spirit medicine or diving deep to help you discover a limiting decision, I will meet you where you are on your life's path.  Together, we will share time and space so that you can align with your higher self and step into your power.  


I welcome you to join me sometime on this collective and eternal journey of self-discovery and growth we call life.  Enriched, sacred time and care is healing to your soul and you deserve that.


"Georgie as I like to call her has the BEST energy! I love to be around her and love to do her special yoga. She makes you feel like you're all wrapped up in Love!"

Lesa L.

"I admire the personal and professional qualities Georgeane brings to each yoga practice and I am so grateful for the work that we have shared. Thank you for all the mindful techniques you have taught me, I know they will serve me well moving forward."

Pete R.

"Georgie you continue to amaze me with how you articulate the beauty of the human soul and the wonder of nature. I consider you to be one of my guides and am forever grateful for the coaching and guidance you have given me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Forever grateful to you!"

Eileen F.

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