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I offer private and semi- private yoga classes that are intuitively guided and tailored to meet your needs and desires. Therapeutic-based, you will move and breathe ins ways that are healing and helpful to your physical and mental body and sensitive to your energetic and emotional self.   

All classes are skillfully-cued and sequenced to tap into presence of mind and build self-awareness.  Expect to feel energy shifts and boosts in vitality as we work together to free our minds and bodies.  

Please know that my commitment to you is to hold safe and sacred space while encouraging a sense of exploration and curiosity on the yoga mat. Classes include vinyasa flow, slow flow, gentle and restorative yoga as well as trauma-informed yoga.   

Make space, be true, be in the moment.  


Healing through Trauma-Informed Yoga


For those individuals or small groups experiencing depression, anxiety, or trauma, these sessions promote optimal health and well being in a safe setting. Private sessions are specially designed to meet the needs of the client and include trauma-sensitive yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. Clients learn to encourage a sense of peace and balance and to develop the tools needed to assist them in doing so.


Special accommodations and modifications will support a range of abilities.    

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