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Georgie you continue to amaze me with how you articulate the beauty of the human soul and the wonder of nature. I consider you to be one of my guides and am forever grateful for the coaching and guidance you have given me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Forever grateful to you!

      - Eileen F. (Coaching client)


All the things that Georgeane said during our sessions have been repeating in my head.  I know that I am in control of my choices.  I am smoke free!

     - Jess F. (Hypnotherapy client)

If you are feeling held back by your limiting beliefs, STUCK, or just ready to change habits and old programming to start living the life you actually want to live—you need to work with Georgeane! You will not regret it.

     - Dawn F. (Coaching client)

I feel so much better, grounded and aligned. Georgeane created a comfortable, sacred space for me to be able to relax and let go of some of the things I was holding on to energetically. Georgeane intuitively hit on points I had been ignoring or pushing off. I feel so much weight lifted off of me. 

     - Gina F. (Chakra Cleanse client)

Georgeane has taught me to tune into my intuition - not so easy in this loud, crazy world.  But with practice and intention, and with Gerogeane’s quiet guidance, whether within her small group yoga class or private energy session, I have slowly begun to stand taller and stronger in my being, enjoying a sense of clarity and ease. I am grateful that I was open to seeing her talents and taking her on as my guide.

     - Mary C. (Energy client)

I was struggling with making decisions in my life and wanted more clarity.  Georgeane, with her many skills, talents, and techniques, was able to help me gain more clarity and become more congruent and aligned with my decisions and the vision I have for myself and my business. I highly recommend working with Georgeane, she has helped me on so many levels.

     - Jocelyne B. (Coaching client)

Class was amazing as always, and Georgeane has such a gift with words, and the way she speaks puts me in a hypnotic meditative state that I love being in!  

     - Dawne A. (Yoga and Meditation client)


I had the distinct privilege to have an embodiment practice session with Georgeane recently, and when I say it was life-changing, that is an understatement.  During our session, Georgeane was able to help me clear the blockage that was keeping me disconnected, and I was able to really be fully present in my body for the first time.  Since our session, my business has exploded.  I’m so grateful to Georgeane for the gift.  Seriously, you NEED to work with this woman.

     - Dr. Nikki N. (Body Focusing client)

I feel empowered (more than ever) to keep exploring who I am, how I feel, what I want and anything and everything else!

     - Kristen H. (Coaching client)

I left class feeling so much lighter.  So glad that I found Georgeane's classes!  

     - Gina F. (Yoga and Meditation client)

When I first started working with Georgeane, I was carrying a number of negative emotions that I had no idea how to let go of and move past. I was struggling in my work, my relationship with my spouse, and my relationship with my children. Georgeane did a technique with me that allowed me to release the negativity and, coupled with some tasks to heal from letting it go, I was able to let go, heal, and move forward for the FIRST TIME EVER! Georgeane is who I had been searching for (for years) to guide me on my healing path. Thank you is an understatement!  She is exceptional!

     - Karen V. (Coaching client)

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